Have a Positive Mental Attitude and a Morning Routine that jump starts your engine. Each day is a gift and not to be taken for granted. Only deposit high-test fuel into the engine that is your mind. This includes expressing thanks for at least 20 things each day. The first one may be that you are on the “right” side of the ground (above not below). Your attitude of gratitude may also acknowledge your spouse, children, electricity, oxygen, sunlight, a place to sleep and eat, and countless other things that become ubiquitous in our daily lives.

Your last and most important gratuitous thought is visualizing the successful attainment of your most desired outcome that is yet to be achieved. Give this final thought some quality time and effort. Emerge from this experience with the sincere smile of accomplishment. Make this connection daily each morning and before sleep. Thus, it is imperative that we examine where we must make an empowering connection and, where we form elements that dis empower us.


“Your Perception of Life Determines Your Attitude toward Life.”

So from where does a negative attitude come? The main source is wrong perspective. People perceive other people and situations around them through the lens of negativity. But how do you perceive those around you? How do you perceive your work environment? How do you perceive your boss and your coworkers? Your perception determines your attitude, good or bad. Change your perception and your attitude will follow suit. Do you see work as a way to make money or as a way to express your God-given talents? Your perception makes all the difference.

Pleasing others should be our motive in everything we do. If bringing pleasure is your motive, your attitude will remain positive, even if you aren’t recognized or acknowledged. If your motive is personal glory, your attitude will go sour at the slightest inconvenience.

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life or the life of another.”

Indicators of your attitude: countenance, body language, and tone of voice. Your countenance is the outward expression of your inner attitude. You show what you feel on your face. Body language is also an attitude indicator. Any time you do something you really enjoy, your body takes on a different posture. You stand straighter and poised for action. When asked to do something you feel bothersome, your shoulder drop and your posture sags. Changing your body posture can actually alter your attitude. If you stand up straight, keep your head straight up, and smile, your attitude will follow.

The last indicator of your attitude is your tone of voice. Your verbal reply to instructions reveals whether you are willing. Willing individuals have energy in their speech. They communicate with enthusiasm and passion. Your consciously change any of these aspects and your attitude will follow.


“Every day stand guard at the door of your mind.

The most important steps we can make towards achieving our greatest potential in life, is to learn how to monitor our attitude and its impact on our work performance, relationship and everyone around us. It takes positive attitude to achieve positive results.

Now is the time for change. Stay in the flow of change. Keep your vision. You choose what life is worth to you. Keep growing. You can grow in whatever you want to become. You have the power of choice. Care about evolution. Expand yourself. Have a new perception.

It’s so important to remember that your attitude to life is so imperative. Having a positive outlook allows you to focus on your goals and attract good things into your life where you can live full out!

Great attitude here is a must, expect the best, and raise your standards. It works! Stay away from narrow minds. Keep going on your success.


I think people must learn to handle the negative. Everyone wants to live in good times all the time, but you must acknowledge the negative so that you can learn and move on. Attitude is one of the greatest tools that we own and can control. You’ve got to make sure you recognize the negatives and handle it, deal with it. And then go on. So you got to handle the negative. Don’t live in it.

A life full of adventures is a life full of many decisions… This is what I’ve strongly been experiencing especially over the past few years. And now I’m about to make a big move again & risk my ‘new’ comfort zone to follow a major Dream.


Take a direction and go with everything you got. Just pick one and go. Somebody might say what if it is the wrong direction? And the answer to that is you will find out quicker. Next best prosperity is adversity. If one doesn’t get you pray for the other. We all do better for one of the two reasons: inspiration or desperation. Whatever it takes to get you to try harder read more, set your goals and go for it


You must be especially careful of the people that love you the most! I say this to you because these loved ones are sincere and they really think that they are helping you. The problem is that they don’t have the knowledge all you need. They are giving you advice based on what they think they KNOW and from what they have learned from their experience. Sincerity sells. Don’t get sold. Find a worthy mentor that has done what you want to do and copy their success. That will expedite your journey on the road to success. REMEMBER it is OK to be a copycat if you copy the right cat!

Connect with people that are positive, active and empowering. Keep company with people and things that are moving you forward. Find a mentor. Attend seminars and seek out the wisdom of great achievers through books, film, and whatever media source you can.

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