Being confident doesn’t mean you’re completely sure of yourself at all times. Creating confidence is not about knowing at all; it is about trusting that no matter what happens in a particular situation, you’ll be able to handle and learn from the outcome.

It’s taking the first step to change which stops most of us doing what we need to do to change our mental state and confidence. So, let’s take massive action, take the first step and believe in ourselves because the more our brain believes the more things we want to happen will happen. Simultaneously, the more happiness and success we can have and share with others

How do we create certainty?

How do we create certainty when the world doesn’t give it to you? This is golden!

1. We make results in our heads as they happened already!

2. D.C.R = Decide Commit Resolve- Great acronym for overall achievement. Remember “the best environment is the one you create”.

3. Change your physiology, control your focus, completely believe and visualize what you want as if you already have it.

    Building Strong Self-confidence:

    1. Feed your mind: read or watch to expand your knowledge
    2. Take care body: Build your body via sports, heathy eating, et.c
    3. Silence inner critic: remove negativity from inside or outside
    4. Complementing: People will not forget how you made them feel
    5. Smile Genuinely: it warms the hearts and you look better on it
    6. Dress properly: We often judged by our appearance
    7. Repetition: Do consistent practice everyday


    Avshalom Caspi’s maturity principle stated that most people become more dominant, agreeable, conscientious, and emotionally stable over the course of their lives. As we grow older mostly from adolescence to middle age we become functionally mature. Most people become productive, thoughtful, considerate, and decisive. Therefore, life experience has a substantial role in improving our confidence, caring, and success.

    As Steve Mueller, the founder of planet of success, said self-confidence is the state of self-assuredness and trust in oneself and one’s abilities. It’s the state of hopefulness that one can succeed, even after experiencing a failure. Furthermore, it’s all about feeling comfortable in different situations, even if their outcome is unknown.

     In our life the compliment that we get from other people and our past accomplishments help us to develop our confidence. In addition, gaining sufficient knowledge as we grow up and trusting our abilities improves our confidence. For example, we see most celebrities or athletes become superstars and confident once they started achieving awards and getting big compliment from their audience.  In life it doesn’t really matter who we are or what we do, from time to time, we might experience several problems and we will imagine all the things that could go wrong. This can influence our self-confidence negatively so that we start to behave insecurely. Once we solved the obstacles and cope with the challenges we faced, we can develop our problem solving skills and confidence. Therefore, we can be functional and honorable person by learning from our mistakes and achievements.

    Duckworth said, “We develop the capacity for long term passion and perseverance as we grow older”. In our daily life we face many obstacles and then we expand our abilities by learning something new and solving many problems. Observing successful people around us also encourages working hard and sticking with it. To succeed, we need the confidence to face and overcome our fears. Nobody was born as a self-confident person, which means no one could rely on his genes to become self-assured. Therefore, when we believe in our own skills, goals, and ability to succeed, we are more likely to take action and stand up for ourselves continuously. Otherwise, we may find ourselves unheard or unfairly treated.  Therefore, life experience is one of the most important components that improve our confidence, compassionate, and success.

    “Confidence is a SKILL you can build”

    1. Build it by practicing! The more you have tried something over and over again the more confident you become. Practice, repeat and persevere. The more you fail and keep going, the more confident you’ll be

    2. Stop the negative self-talk. You’re shooting yourself in the foot; tell yourself “I am the greatest!” You’ll be surprised at how much that helps you keep going.

     3. Get away from the negative people. You’re already struggling not to tell yourself “God I look fat, I’m no good at this” You don’t need other people to make this even worse.

    4. Build other people’s confidence: Focus on what people do well. Don’t try to correct their mistakes.

    5. Interpret feedback in a way that builds your confidence. Instead of “Wow that interview went shitty. I gave a terrible answer to 8/10 questions.” say “Hey I did 2/10 questions pretty good! I’m going to ace those on the next interview!

    Trust in God’s plan

    Trust in God’s plan. God’s plan for your life is in your best interest, so choose to follow it faithfully by seeking God’s help to solve your problems rather than trying to solve them in your own limited strength. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you cast aside your fears by recalling God’s love during moments when you need courage to move forward with his plan for your life. The more you focus on God’s love, the easier your challenge will be.

    People who have no ability to connect and commit often resent those who can and do. Disappointed people are like a disease. They hate because love and kindness is foreign to them. Kindness is their nemesis optimism and laughter is their enemy. Walk away from these people they are not your responsibility

    Most of us always know at any given time what exactly we need to do to change, but we lack the Discipline to take action and be consistent about it. Two words. “Action, and Discipline”

    We search the internet for the easy shortcut day after day hoping we’ll find the Holy Grail answer to all of our problems, but our rational brain knows the short cut is a lie. Just as it knows, it’s known exactly what to do the entire time, but has failed to execute. Guys…EXECUTE!

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