The following “top ways to reduce stress at work” will help you relief your stress; if you have experienced a difficult or stressful event at work or you are struggling to maintain balance following a stressful work event. Also, there is no doubt that you will benefit by following the techniques mentioned below if you are feeling fatigued, numb, or stressed because of the nature or your work-whether from a specific event or an accumulation of stresses.


A. Symptoms Associated With Stressful Events

Following unanticipated events, your colleagues often start to doubt their abilities, feel the burden of responsibility for unexpected outcomes, experience intrusive thoughts or memories about the event, and experience a sense of being a failure.

B. Additional Psychological Symptoms

  • Apprehension about returning to work
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering
  • Sadness and depression
  • Feeling lonely and isolated
  • Difficulty trusting
  • Fear
  • Guilt and remorse
  • Anger and irritability
  • Flashback and nightmares
  • Feeling numb or detached

C. Common Physical Reaction to a Stressful Event

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Increased heart rate and difficulty breathing
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and digestive symptoms
  • Muscle tension
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness


Healing and coping are both a process. Following a difficult event, it is important to:

1. Get rest, then get back into a normal routine

2. Remind yourself that what you are experiencing is a normal reaction to a stressful event

3. Share your feeling with people you trust

4. Eat whole foods throughout the day, limit the sugar, caffeine, and processed foods.

5. Get right to moderate physical activity

6. Avoid alcohol and drug use

7. Do something you enjoy


    If your stress level is adverse and something you can’t handle it, I recommend you ask for help immediately either your colleagues whom you trust or if there is a program in your workplace that provides support to employees who felt traumatized after experiencing difficult, adverse, or unanticipated events.

    You are more than welcome to share your ideas and leave comments down below. Best wishes!!

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