A growth mindset in business will help you to move your business forward and its people for growth, profit, and success in the future. We live in increasingly competitive world, a world where technology is destroying old business models as fast as it creates new ones. With dramatic changes occurring every few years, instead of over decades or centuries, smart people plan for the worst and hope for the best.

A big part of planning for the worst is to diversify your income while you still can! Therefore, the time to diversify your income isn’t when times are bad or after you’ve lost your job. The time to diversify is now, while you still have a job or while your industry is still alive and kicking, not when it is dead!


Growth mind set is a concept that is changing and improving the way people learn. Therefore, people with growth

mindsets are constantly trying to learn and grow to better themselves. Also, they believe that skills and intelligence are grown and developed. People who are good at something are good because they built that ability.

People who aren’t good are not good because they haven’t done the work. In short they believe that you are in control of your abilities. Moreover, the core idea is that People with fixed mindset believe that skills are born while people with the growth mindset believe that skills are built.


People on the growth mindset tend to believe on the process of getting better of learning and growing. These Growth-Mindset-for-busynessmindsets and characteristics have a huge influence on our ability to learn.

Two key points: First,you are not just one or the other. This is a spectrum and in different times and different days and different situation you might be in a growth or other times you slip in to a fixed mindset. Second, yesterday actions and learning are great and they are definitely behaviors that we want but we have to understand that they come from our mindset.

So if we create a great culture for learning it is about zooming-in on beliefs and to focus and create a real growth mindset which is one of the most important things we can do.


Let me tell you this, I’m not an original thinker there is nothing new about what I do. Everything I learned is from reading, mentors, and proving masters from the past. There is absolutely nothing new about what I say or what I do. I just take different ideas and put them together. Thus, my advice is that ones you read books, listen to audios, or watch videos take some ideas and try to use it.

To have enough wealth, good health, strong relationships, and a great spiritual life to truly happy to the extent where you are not depriving yourself or your family of a good life is crucial. However, don’t focus on wealth at the cost of your health, relationships, and spiritual well beings. It is important to understand this earlier rather than later, because achieving better balance becomes even more difficult with the passage of time.

Self-awareness at every stage of your life is vital. And try to avoid extremes. The key here is that sometimes you may need to sacrifice something from certain areas of your life to achieve success, but only if it’s for short period of time


In order to develop the proper mindset you have stop using some words or thought that can ruin your success. To mention some of them; I can’t do that, this is hard for me, I can’t afford it, I know that…etc. You see most people they let their ego in the way of success. So those words are very dangerous, they can destroy your potential and your success. For example the minute you said I know that your brain shuts down, hence you are not listening or you are not paying attention anymore.

Likewise, when people say I can’t afford it or I can’t do it, again it shuts down your brain. There is no creativity required when you say I can’t afford it or I can’t do it. You want something in life and you say I can’t afford it. You want to supply you parents…I can’t afford it, you want to take vacation,…I can’t afford it…or you want to send your kids to college….I can’t afford it…etc. This is an easy way out, because you are just making excuses that requires no effort. However,that is a poor person’s mentality.

Use positive attitude and motivation

Instead of saying I can’t afford it or I can’t do it, ask yourself a powerful question and that is “How Can I Afford It?” How can I do it?” The minute you ask that it opens a world of possibilities. You can say; maybe I can’t afford it with my current job or I can’t afford it with the way I’m conducting this business…how can I afford it? What do I need to do? What knowledge do I need to acquire? Who do I have to be? What new skill sets do I need develop in order to afford this? Those questions are much powerful and empowering.

It is about how you think or how you deal with the situation. Therefore, those words will prevent you from going to the next level and prevent you from achieving more success, so do not use those words. Ask yourself with more empowering words every single day.


Self-awareness at every stage of your life is vital. And try to avoid extremes. The key here is that sometimes you may Success-Happinessneed to sacrifice something from certain areas of your life to achieve success, but only if it’s for short period of time. Lastly, and most importantly, understand that for lasting success and happiness you need to ask yourself, “How many people are better off because I am living?”

Giving is a crucial element of achieving true happiness. There are many ways to give. It could be through money, your time, or something as simple as a compliment. Remember, if there is an element of giving in everything you do, your happiness will be greatly amplified.

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