Alright I appreciate you for stopping by. I was inspired to share this because I think it is something that’s going to help a lot. I actually got this from Jim Rohn, he did a seminar back in 1981. In that seminar back in 1981 he talked about those diseases of an attitude.

Most people say that a life success is 90% attitude and 10% ability, so we should be aware of what keeps us from having a great one. So what that means is that it doesn’t matter how talented you are, what you know how much you know; you still cannot go to have a successful life because it is all about a great attitude.

These attitude diseases are like weeds that grow in the garden. It is a normal part of our life. Negative is normal. It is not successful but it is normal. It is part of life. You must learn to handle the negative. Don’t ignore it, handle it. You don’t have to live in it, you don’t have to dwell in it but you do have handle it (Jim Rohn).


Let’s make a list of a disease of attitude that can wreck all your chances to be well. One of the worst that destroys everything is called neglect. “A week of neglect can cause you a year of repair.”

1. Indifference

This is called the mild approach to life. A disease called mildness. You cannot drift to the top of the mountain. Here is the key to the good life “learn to put everything you’ve got to everything you do.” Whatever you are doing pull it on. It will quickly open up to opportunity or quickly disclose to. You need to do something else.

    “Don’t give somebody half a job for a day’s pay.” Get rid of this disease. That will help you change your life. Here is the next attitude disease, “Indecision.”

    2. Indecision

    Mental paralysis-you can’t make up your mind. The person might say what if I get off the wrong side? The answer is that –after a while it doesn’t matter just get off. Any side will do. A life full of adventure is a life full of decision. The one who turns out to be wrong give you better experience to make a better decision. So don’t see how many decisions you can get out of, see how many you can get in to. That’s where the adventure is. So shake of this disease indecision.

    3. Doubt

    Doubt is like a plague. Self-doubt is the worst. The person who doubts himself doubts if lasts that long for him, doubts if he can do that well, doubts if he can make that much, doubts if he can accomplish all that. You can imagine what damage that can cause to your future. So here is the key- turn of that disease and become a believer. Believe in yourself. The understanding of self-worth is the beginning of progress.

        4. Worry

        Worry causes health problems, social problems, personal problems, family problems…it is devastating. Worry long enough will drop you to your knees, could reduce you to begging. I used to be known as a super worrier. I got those years to make up for it. But I tell you what, my advice to you is; do what I finally did; unworried, give it up. I’m not saying it is easy. I’m saying it is worth it. It took me almost many years to kick the worry habit. It was not an easy year. It is the worst year I ever spent. But I finally got that disease off my back. And I discovered you can live the most incredible life free of worry. Not free of challenge, not free of difficulty; free worry! I learned how to do it. And you can. Here is the next attitude disease:

          5. Over caution

          Some people are too cautious. My caution is the risk. I say what if this happen? Everything in life is risky. You need to try it. Just give it a go. Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure. It is not important how long you live, what is important is how you live. The next one is:

            6. Pessimism

            The deadly disease. The poor pessimism leads to an ugly life. He doesn’t try to figure out what is right; he tries to figure out what is wrong. He doesn’t look for virtue, he looks for false. Why would the same measure affect in two different ways? Answer: it all depends on how you look at it. Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are, not the way they are. The way we think they are affects us most. “As you think so you become.”

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